Joe Messineo
Hall of Fame Real Estate Broker


Wonderful Life Real Estate operates 90% of its business strictly by referral. This is the hallmark of this company and the idea behind it is to take care of people with the very best service that exists in the industry - and we do this and more. Hence new referrals are always coming in, and so instead of looking for new business we are taking care of our current business to our highest standards and beyond - and because of this - new business is always coming in.
Wonderful Life Real Estate is also about helping people. We're not just about making money. That is too hollow and short served. Rather the idea is that if we can help enough people get what they want and need, we will end up with what we want and need also. Can you sign your name to the job? This is a benchmark of a job that stands. And real estate and serving the community through it is more than a full time job where every day there is a chance to do more and become better.