Joe Messineo
Hall of Fame Real Estate Broker


Dear Sirs:
I would like to tell you how grateful and happy I am for Wonderful Life Real Estate's Agent, Joe Messineo.  Joe Messineo is a talented and helpful person who is always there when you need him.  Through his guidance and friendship, we quickly sold our home in San Jose, CA and accomplished all of the needed paperwork for the sale.  We held only one Open House, which he setup and staged for us, and drew multiple prospective buyers.  Within the next week, we had 8 offers to buy our home, each one exceeding our expected asking price.  Joe was the one who accomplished all the necessary negotiations with all the buyers.  Soon he had it down to one good offer, which we accepted.  
Joe was always there for us to answer any questions and to give directions on how to complete the sale.  He found us some excellent contractors in San Jose to help us prepare our former home for its sale.  He also helped us to find a great real estate agent in our new city, who quickly found us a beautiful new home that met our needs quite nicely.  
You cannot go wrong with Wonderful Life Real Estate's Joe Messineo; he has become a great personal friend to my family and we to his family.  
Yours truly,
Ronald Clark



My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Joe on a few occasions over the span of several years, while Joe was walking around our neighborhood.  He was always pleasant, never pushing us to sell/buy - just friendly conversation.  In June of this year, we decided to sell our home in Blossom Valley - Joe was the first Realtor we thought of because he had experience with sellers/buyers in our neighborhood and we liked his style.  We invited Joe over to learn more about him and his philosophy and before the night was through, we signed a contract with him!  Joe is incredibly well connected - he had a highly competent contractor and landscaper out to our home for some touch-ups and paint within that same week. All the work and inspections were completed in a very short time frame, so we were able to hit the market within a few weeks of engaging.  After some small projects were completed, Joe brought in a house cleaner to help us get the house sparkly (windows, kitchen appliances, etc), a stager arrived just days before we hit the market, and his photographer came to take some great shots of the whole house.  Joe created an impressive brochure, reached out to his endless network of Realtors to let them know the listing was coming - he had a great strategy for our sale! Our listing went live on a Friday morning; had 2 open houses - Sat & Sun - and had multiple, competitive offers before the weekend was over. We reviewed offers together the next day and made a decision quickly.  Joe was right by our side through the whole process and because the offers came so quickly, we weren't inconvenienced with other independent showings.  From the time we sat down with Joe in the beginning, to the close of sale, Joe was there guiding the process and making it a very easy and stress-free experience.  This experience working with Joe could not have been any better.  Joe made an otherwise stressful event, a smooth and seamless process.  Joe is a great communicator, is knowledgeable, strategic, trustworthy and has a high level of integrity. Joe felt like family by the end of this experience! :)

We made our dreams a reality when we sold the house and moved to the beach and Joe helped make that dream a reality.  It IS a Wonderful Life - and yours will be too, if you trust Joe to help you sell or buy your home - you won't be disappointed!

Tim and Kim W


December 16, 2017


Joe Messineo

Wonderful Life Real Estate


Dear Joe,

I have now been in my new home in Seguin, Texas about two and a half months. I am still settling in but extremely happy.

There are not enough words to tell you how much I appreciate all your help with getting my house ready to sell, sitting down with me at the title company to sign the documents and everything in between. Your hard work and diligence was what helped get the price I needed in order to move back to Texas and purchase my beautiful new home.

Not only do I have a great realtor on my side, but I feel like I also made a great, forever friend.

Wishing you and your family a beautiful Christmas and Happy New Year.


Doreen J



We feel very lucky to know Joe Messineo! When we needed to sell my sister's home in South San Jose, he was the only one we considered for the job. He was a friend of hers and also sold two neighbor's homes on the same street. We definitely felt like we could trust Joe with this undertaking! He was very knowledgeable about real estate in the area, realistic about the current market, and had all sorts of connections when we needed work to be done prior to putting the house on the market. He coordinated the yard work, interior repairs, and the inspections. All of his people were reasonable and professional, from the contractor to the stager. The sale was effortless for us right down to the final escrow signing. Joe was always available to answer our questions and gave us his undivided attention even after the sale was complete. Which is why we asked him to handle the sale of my mother's home in Willow Glen as well. Both sales exceeded our expectations! When we most needed to have a trustworthy expert, Joe came through with amazing advice and above asking price offers. But, we feel that the most important aspect of our working relationship was his sense of ethics in his business dealings. It is rare in this day and age to work with a man who is both reliable and honest. Isn't that what you are looking for in a real estate specialist? If we had another property to sell, no doubt Joe would be our man!

Rick & Chris S



I spoke with Joe Messineo yearly for over 5 years before I sold my home in the Blossom Hill area.  He kept checking in with me until one day I made the decision it was the right time to downsize.  I called him and the ball was rolling.  We wanted to catch the upswing of the market.  Within a week we found a manufactured home and made an offer.  Within 24 hours I had a full price offer on my home. Amazing, right? That is how Joe works.  He is the most professional agent you will ever work with.  In addition he is involved in every step of the process.  You will never feel like you don't know where things stand.  It has been two years now and I am still in contact with him.  I have referred him to friends and they are just as happy with the results.  Call him, you won't be disappointed.

Jackie E



Joe Messineo of Wonderful Life Real Estate was recommended to me by a friend. He listed and sold my San Jose mobile home in late 2016. 

Working with him was a pleasure and I strongly recommend him as well. He is a genuinely good person and he lived up to his promise to make the sale of my home as pleasant as possible. I am a senior and I am convinced that he did more than your average realtor to make the process smooth and easy. Indeed, he even took care of managing some requirements that the mobile home park imposed upon me at the 11th hour.

He is hardworking and dedicated, always available when needed, and treated me with care, kindness, and the highest level of professionalism.

If you want to sell your home quickly, and get the best possible sales price, you should trust in Joe Messineo too!

Eliana P



This review is overdue.  I had the pleasure of meeting Joe Messineo in 2015 when he was going door:door meeting homeowners, and discussing their Real Estate needs. Since  I knew I would be an active seller in Spring '16, I encouraged Joe to
keep in touch and follow up.    This gave me the first indication of the type of broker Joe is. A) he's a very hard worker... Most broker/agents hire someone to drop flyers on your front porch and/or flood you with mail... not Joe, he does this by himself!  B) his follow up was exactly what he said it would be... Not overly aggressive, but definitely let me know he was out there and ready to sell my home as soon as I made the decision to "go". If he says he'll call you in 6 months, he will call you in six months...not early and definitely not late! 

This past January we sat down, discussed the housing market,  timing,  renovation and prep work needed to sell my home of 28 years for the maximum amount possible. At this point I knew Joe was the man for the job and hired him.

To make a long story short, my experience from this point forward could not have been any better.  Joe was there every step of the way, with a team of professional trades at the ready to get your house into tiptop shape. He doesn't just hand you a list of what you should do to sell your home, and then wait for the listing day to roll around.   By the time we were ready, my house never looked better. We listed in mid March, held one open house weekend, received multiple offers and sold for 8% over asking price, and achieved one of, if not the highest price paid for a similar home in my neighborhood!

Throughout the entire process, Joe Messineo exhibited the highest principles, with the utmost honesty, transparency, and integrity you could ever ask for in a professional.   Joe is everything you want in your broker, and I wholeheartedly give Wonderful Life Realty my highest possible recommendation. 


Larry J



My partner and I recently utilized Joe Messineo's expertise while searching for a Condo. In almost no time, Joe had a good feel of what we were looking for, and what our price range was.  In this crazy, and sometimes confusing, housing market, Joe steered us through making sure we were comfortable and well informed all the way.  And, of course, found us the perfect condo.

Joe connected us with a great financing company and made purchasing a new home feel painless and fun!

He even went to bat for us on negotiating price; getting the previous owner to do some last minute repairs; and helping us with contractor referrals for move-in items we needed!

I don't know how he knows all these GREAT people to work with, but it was amazing!

Don't fool around with amateurs.  Get with a professional who knows what he's doing and how to get it done, AND makes you feel like you're his only client.  I highly recommend Joe.  Five stars isn't enough.

James M


A huge career relocation put all our wherewithal, both money and dreams, on the line and we needed someone to help us navigate the strong cross-currents in a volatile real estate market. Joe Messineo came to our door a stranger but when we pulled away after the closing, we had a new friend. He not only came through for us in the most important transaction of our lives, but remains someone I can count on for an honest take on a variety of concerns, both business and personal.

With a genuine strength of purpose and confidence in his craft, Joe helped us stay the course, and we came out right where we expected and the range Joe had suggested in selling our home. It was not an easy process for us and we went through roiling waves of emotion, which may be typical enough in any home sale, but more so for us because we were putting our financial futures on the line. In our case, we were taking a calculated risk toward a measure of freedom I scarcely though possible going in to it, and may not have had the nerve to see through without Joe’s steady hand and clear-eyed confidence.

Joe is the embodiment of a true professional, not just demeanor and competence but in trustworthiness and the highest ethical concern, which is rare today and to be deeply appreciated.

This note of recommendation is a small token of our gratitude and something that needs to be shared with a wider audience. Here is a person who says what he means and means what he says and does what he says and means. If business relationships in general were conducted like Joe’s Wonderful Life Realty, our world would be so much richer and happier.

Mike Elia


To Whom It May Concern: 

We can whole-heartedly and without any reservations endorse Joe Messineo for your realtor. 

We met Joe at one of his open houses when we first started seriously thinking about moving. After speaking with Joe we were comfortable enough to give him our contact information. Joe contacted us and left his information for us to review at our convenience. There is no high-pressure sales pitch with Joe. 

It took us a little while to make the decision to move forward but Joe gave us the space to make that decision. When we finally decided to sell and called Joe, he gave us his expert opinion on what we needed to do to maximize a profit on our home. 
We are so glad we listened to him! Every step Joe took in preparing our house for sale was done thoughtfully and with intent to our end goal: selling the house at the best price possible. Our house sold quickly and we accepted an offer for significantly more than we ever thought we could get for our home. The sale of our house moved seamlessly and happened every step of the way just as Joe told us it would.
Finding the right home for our family proved to be a little bit more challenging than the sale of our home as we had some very specific criteria. Our children were also a part of the decision making process and Joe asked for their opinions and listened to what they had to say, as well.

Joe really accommodated us in the search for our new home. He was very patient with us as we looked at many homes. He worked tirelessly for us when we chose to put an offer on a house. The purchase of our new home, once we found something we knew was “the house”, went as seamlessly as the sale. 

Joe’s integrity and passion for what he does, his relationships with other realtors in the area, his knowledge of and experience in the San Jose market, and his contacts with multiple contractors have all been factors in our belief that Joe Messineo is one of the best realtors operating in San Jose right now.

Bevlee & Garry Doran
San Jose, CA


To whom it may concern,

Joe Messineo of Wonderful Life Real Estate listed and sold our Almaden Valley home in 2013. He came to our home looking for a soon-to-be listed property for one of his clients. We had just begun remodeling and not yet ready to sell. However, I was impressed with hardworking attitude, energetic nature and dedication to his client.

As a state certified real estate appraiser, I was very familiar with the real estate values. As a state licensed real estate broker, I was aware of the legal and ethical aspects required of a broker. However, as I have never been active in sales, I did not feel comfortable listing my property. After a couple of additional meetings with Joe, we felt as though he had the experience and expertise we were looking for in an agent.

Joe was very communicative. With timely calls and e-mails, he kept us up to date with every aspect of the process. Joe satisfied his commitment of returning our calls and e-mails within 15 minutes. Joe helped us chose a carpet company, painter, house cleaner and stager. He met with these providers at our home when they submitted their bids.
He scheduled the work and was on site when the providers arrived to do the work. When I injured my shoulder moving a heavy piece of furniture, Joe pitched in to help his crew move our belongings into storage.

Thanks to Joe, we sold our home in a timely fashion at the anticipated price. In conclusion, we would not hesitate to use Joe again or recommend Joe to our friends and relatives.

Fred and Susan Morrison


When a new job opportunity required us to move out of our home in San Jose, CA, we needed to find a top notch agent to sell our home on Foothill Drive.

We knew going in that it would require a short sale. Not an easy process for us - nor for our realtor. We interviewed several agents and finally settled on Joe Messineo.
Joe communicated on a daily basis, handled all the heavy lifting to close the short sale, was sensitive to the emotions that are part of leaving a home after many years and was respectful to me and my family in every aspect of our home sale. He is persistent, not pushy. He is business savvy, but still understands the importance of "it's not all about money" in his pocket. And he kept ALL of his promises. We learned to trust Joe.

When we were away one day and half a cord of wood had to be moved for an inspection of our home, it was Joe that "grabbed the bull by the horns" and moved all the wood himself. We were impressed by those type of "extra mile" types of customer service.

In summary, Joe is the "real deal" and he does one thing best - he delivers on time and with a sincere smile. 

If you want to sell your home quickly, and get the best possible sales price - while being treated with care, kindness and the highest level of professionalism - then select Joe Messineo as your agent. There's a good reason his business is called "Wonderful Life Real Estate!"

Bill & Sherra Rapp
Treasure Valley, Idaho


Dear Joe, 

Silvio and I just want to thank you for all the work you did to sell our home and purchase the house of our dreams. I really did not think I would be moving out of our home of 30 years – the only home we’ve lived in. But we felt comfortable making this change for several reasons: 1) you came by our house a few years before we even thought of moving and helped us see that if we planned small upgrades, such as lighting, we would not only be more prepared but enjoy the benefits while we waited. You were right. 2) you developed a genuine relationship with us – we could tell you cared about our interests and our timing. 

But I’ll say, even above all that, it’s about execution. Joe, you exceeded our expectations on guiding us through the process. You said you would handle it – you would take care of the details – and you did. And I would not have expected that you would look out for us with such care. When we needed someone to make our house “pop” <smile>, you handled it! You pooled your resources to stage and pretty-up our house to make it shine. And we did not have to worry about it. You recommended excellent pre-sale changes - you had a sales strategy that worked. I did not think our house would sell in one day with multiple offers – but it did. And when our mover cancelled one week before our scheduled move, you immediately called from your vacation (overseas no less!) to one of your movers to take care of us. 

I was impressed when early on you called the house we were selling “our house”. Your personal interest in ensuring our needs were met was amazing. And appreciated.
Buying a new home was no less stressful and your persistence and “bulldog” approach with the sales office and builder, well, I’ll admit, made us laugh sometimes!! When they didn’t respond fast enough or gave a less than acceptable reply, I’d say, “oh boy, wait until Joe see this…” You are relentless and we are glad you were in our corner.
I rarely give recommendations. Truthfully. But I could not overlook or ignore giving credit where it is due. When we’re ready to sell this new home (and it won’t be in another 30 years!) we will look to you to help us. In the meantime, we feel we’ve made a great friend. Thank you, Joe!!!

Silvio and Nina Paolo


Joe Messineo, owner of Wonderful Life Real Estate, was so helpful to us three years ago when we were for a rental property in our neighborhood, that we decided to contact him again to help with a sale. As we have come to expect, Joe knew exactly what we needed to bring our house up to current standards and looking great in preparation for putting it on the market. He has a crew of people that right in there to get the job done quickly and well for a reasonable price. If what you are looking for in a real estate agent is someone who knows the area, is efficient and hard working, and has the resources to get the job done promptly, Joe is the agent for you. He is also someone you can call on for answers to any question dealing with investment properties. My husband and I would not hesitate to recommend Joe to our friends and family members, or to call him again should we need a great real estate agent. 

Thanks, Joe
Paula R.



Tim and I have calculated that, between the two of us, we have bought 13 houses over the years. Never in all those purchases have we had such a flawless process by a Realtor. Wherever, be it California, Virginia or anywhere in between, we decide to land our tired bodies in the 14th move you will need to be licensed and ready to assist us. I cannot image ever using another take this as fair and advanced warning (well, it might not be fair but I hope it is at least advanced)!

Jeannie & Tim


November, 2011

We retired last July and proceeded with plans to sell our house in San Jose. Good friends referred us to Joe Messineo. He had sold their house over a year earlier and assisted them in the purchase of their present home.

We listened to Joe and followed his advice in getting our house ready to sell. He promised us that for every 2 cents we spent, he would get us 4 cents in return. It was a promise he kept. He gently kept us moving toward our goal. He scheduled the necessary inspections and recommended the contractor to make any repairs.
When the house was ready, Joe suggested pricing it so as to generate lots of interest, hoping to get multiple offers. Again, we took his advice and that's exactly what happened. We listed our home on a Saturday, had an extremely successful open house the next day, and had 8 written offers by Wednesday. We accepted an offer that was $20,000 over the asking price. Joe then went to work, successfully convincing the appraiser the house was worth the price for which it sold.

We relocated to Minnesota and Joe found a realtor to work with us there. When we found the house we wanted, we again called Joe, asking for his advice and opinion.
What we greatly appreciated was Joe's quick response to our questions. If he was busy, he would tell us that and get back to us as soon as possible. To put it very simply, Joe is really good at what he does. As an added bonus, we enjoyed working with him. We would absolutely recommend him to anyone needing a realtor without hesitation.

Alan & Carl Zeringue


Dear Joe,

Your word is good. Your attention to details was excellent. Your service, including weekends was very impressive. The five houses you sold for us in Willow Glen was fast and for top dollar.

As you know we have more houses. You will be our 1st and only consideration for a competent and professional real estate broker.

Clint and Nancy Miller


From: Glenn and Gina

We want to recount the story of our experience with working with Joe Messineo during our recent purchase of a beautiful condo in Hollister, California.

As everyone knows, that has been living in California for a while, the real estate market is much different that it has been in the past. There are no more days of buying a piece of real estate and just waiting for time to go by and you will make a big profit. We were lucky enough to have met Joe through my wife's father, who has worked with Joe in the past. We told Joe what we were looking for and how much money we would be able to spend. Joe started sending us info about properties that met our housing criteria. Before long we found the perfect condo that Joe had found in Hollister. 

The process started, to acquire the condo, and that is where Joe really started to shine. He worked tirelessly working out the smallest details for us and all the while kept us in the loop about what was going on. This particular condo was a short sale and you know how hard of a process that can be but Joe stayed on it until the deal was done. Lots of times Joe would "encourage" the other agent to get all of his work done so the deal could be finished. Joe also seemed very adept with working with lenders, both for us and for the seller of the condo. All the questions we had during the sale process were answered by Joe in a timely manner.

I would like finish by saying that our experience with working with Joe was positive and both my wife and I feel like we have gained a valued friend in the process. Our decision to work with Joe Messineo was a good choice. I don't think I have said how grateful that I am to Joe for what he has done for me and my wife.

Thank You Joe

Glenn and Gina Thomas
Hollister California


Dear Joe, 

Wow. What a relief to be out of our house. We are so glad we trusted you to make this happen for us. It is not easy to decide to short sell a house after investing so much time and energy into it. However, it was not our dream home and we needed to be done with it. Words can not describe how grateful our little family is to you. You made this happen and did everything you could to make sure it would without chaos. I can’t wait to be ready to buy our next home and utilize your skills to find a house we can be in for a long time. Joe I have no doubt that you are the best at what you do. You are friendly, kind, happy and have the best interest of your client in mind and that is why you succeed. Being a realtor is a tireless job especially now days and I now realize how lucky we were to have you on our side. See you soon!

Wesley, Mandy and Baby Violette!


From the minute I met Joe Messineo, once I decided I should put my house on the market, I was “SOLD” on my agent. I had a few good ones in mind, too, including him because of his very pleasant, professional calls every few months, but then I opened my door at his knock when we decided to confer, and his energy, the way he engages immediately with you, his earnest character, that unshakeable confidence, his friendly open face—I knew he was the one I was praying for. I even joked with him that he was an angel—and felt his back for angel wing nubs. I really think I detected those nubs!
I cannot do justice to how much Joe has been there for me these last four plus months. I didn’t have much wiggle room with a small house and high mortgages in a tanked market, a single grandmom about to retire from teaching, but Joe got his team together to make my little house sparkle, pulled out his expertise, got buyers walking through my house, agents jumping to show it to their clients, experts making sure it was tiptop in inspections, gorgeous ads to hand out, a professional team of people to get the sale done fast and on point. He was encouraging when my hopes flagged, funny when I needed to lighten up, supportive and excellent at representing my interests, very astute about buyers and the market with unerring advice about our tactics and strategies—he KNOWS real estate—and so dedicated to my project. 
You couldn’t ask for anyone better at devoting tremendous energy, talent, and intelligence to selling your house. With Joe, you will not have a house just sit on the market with that lonely sign swinging out on your yard for hopeless month after hopeless month like I’ve seen happen in my neighborhood. When Joe put my pretty little sign up, neighbors wryly wished me luck, pointing out how several on each corner had been on the market for two years. A man I worked with said he had four houses on the market and not a bite on any of them.

I knew I had a tiger on my team, though. And sure enough within a week, Joe had serious buyers and we almost got to the big commitment signing a couple weeks along when they backed out! Joe kept my eye on the prize. Another was very interested soon after, but low balling so much Joe moved us on. Finally THE perfect buyer came along. A credit bureau held us up for a few extra weeks on a frustrating little detail, but Joe was there representing my interests and advising the buying agent till he made it happen. Even though the optimal time to sell had passed and we were rolling into the holiday season, and we had no room to bargain with buyers, and the market was teetering towards heartbreak, and I was sometimes in tears, Joe the archangel of real estate did a miraculous job. I recommend him with the utmost accolades and all my heart.

Ruth Mason McElvain


November, 2011

We retired last July and proceeded with plans to sell our house in San Jose. Good friends referred us to Joe Messineo. He had sold their house over a year earlier and assisted them in the purchase of their present home. 


We listened to Joe and followed his advice in getting our house ready to sell. He promised us that for every 2 cents we spent, he would get us 4 cents in return. It was a promise he kept. He gently kept us moving toward our goal. He scheduled the necessary inspections and recommended the contractor to make any repairs. 


When the house was ready, Joe suggested pricing it so as to generate lots of interest, hoping to get multiple offers. Again, we took his advice and that's exactly what happened. We listed our home on a Saturday, had an extremely successful open house the next day, and had 8 written offers by Wednesday. We accepted an offer that was $20,000 over the asking price. Joe then went to work, successfully convincing the appraiser the house was worth the price for which it sold. 


We relocated to Minnesota and Joe found a realtor to work with us there. When we found the house we wanted, we again called Joe, asking for his advice and opinion. 


What we greatly appreciated was Joe's quick response to our questions. If he was busy, he would tell us that and get back to us as soon as possible. To put it very simply, Joe is really good at what he does. As an added bonus, we enjoyed working with him. We would absolutely recommend him to anyone needing a realtor without hesitation.

Carol and Alan



Dear Joe, 

Anthony and I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help in selling our condo recently. We were extremely impressed with your level of professionalism and attention to detail.  We were thrilled with the final price that we received for our home and the role that you played in helping us get the best possible outcome. 

We also wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the help of your office in showing the house and all their assistance in getting the paperwork completed. 

We wish you continued success for the future. Please feel free to use us as a reference is needed with new clients. 

We look forward to working with you again. 


Anthony and Ester Hare



Dear Joe, 

We want to thank you for the excellent attention you gave us during the sale of our home. We chose you to be our agent because of your eagerness and enthusiasm.  We appreciate the fine job you did and the fact that you returned all calls promptly and kept us well informed throughout the transaction. 

We wish you lots of luck in your future and would not hesitate to recommend you to future clients. But, as you know, we will be traveling in the near future and will let you know where we land. 

Best wishes and many thanks, 

Jay and Jayne Prowty



Dear Joe

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much we (my sister, husband and I) appreciated your recent handling of the sale of our parents' home in San Jose. You were both professional and sensitive as to how difficult it was for us to sell a home our parents had owned for more than 60 years, and the only home we had known growing up. 

You were easily accessible when we needed to ask a question (which seemed to be frequently!), and your knowledge of current real estate rules and regulations as well as realistic market values was important to us. 

We also appreciated how you gave good advice, but let us make the final decisions. 

You advised and helped us do what we needed to do to make our property more attractive to buyers, and as a result, the sale went through quickly and without problems. 

All in all you were an expert, kind and personable Realtor, and should we ever need your services again we would jump to grab you! Likewise, we are happy to recommend you without reservations to anyone in need of your knowledge and skills. 

Thanks again, Joe!


Judy Roberts


Dear Joe, 

We wanted to thank you for the wonderful work you did to sell our home. You exhibited thorough knowledge of the market and helped us to get our home ready. Selling a home can be chaotic and traumatic but your guidance and professionalism saw us through. We got a great price for our home, much above the list price, because you ensured everything happened smoothly, and dealt calmly with obstacles as they arose. 

We will definitely recommend you to our friends and acquaintances. If we decide to move again, we will certainly consult you. 

Wish you all the best, 

Warm regards, 

Rajesh, Shivani Nair


Dear Joe, 

It was a pleasure working with you to sell our home in San Jose. We really appreciated how you took the time to teach us how the real estate market was in our area at that time. That knowledge allowed us to price our home appropriately. What a blessing it was to sell our home so quickly (and for the asking price!!) when the market was saturated and there were a shortage of buyers. 

One of the other benefits of working with you was your positive attitude and your outgoing personality. Selling our home could have been a lot more stressful, but you were a lot of fun to work with. Instead of being just our realtor, you became our friend. That is priceless. 

We certainly wish you all the best with your business and your life!


The Hauptman's 

(David, Laura, Haley & Jessica)


Dear Joe, 

I wanted to thank you for all of your efforts, which went above and beyond what anyone could expect, in helping my parents get a terrific price for their home, help them with their move, and emotionally support them throughout the entire process. My 88-year-old father and 84-year-old mother lived in their Cambrian Park home for over 40 years. Due to poor health, they needed to move to a senior retirement home. But moving from their home was very difficult, with all the memories stored in those walls. You were there, almost every day, giving tips on how to show the house to the best advantage. And because of Joe and his knowledge of real estate, his knowledge of the market, and his concern for my parents getting as much value out of their house, the sale of the house was quick and smooth. You would think that after a house is sold that the job of the real estate agent would be completed. Not for Joe. He became a friend to my parents and family. He arranged for movers to take their old furniture and sell it. The furniture that did not sell, he arranged for the furniture to be picked up. He called around Santa Clara County looking for retirement homes for my parents. My father relied on him for advice. Joe always made time in his busy schedule to talk to my father. He helped make the transition of selling their home and moving to a retirement community incredibly easy. My parents needed to get the full value for their home because their home was their savings to live on. Joe was able to get the full value and move with all of his contacts, staying on top of the market, and aggressively looking for buyers. The picture and description of the house showed off the house to its best advantage. His constant updates, excellent communication skills, and warm personality and caring, made all the difference in selling my parent's home. 

Joe is an honest, trustworthy and caring individual. He makes selling your home not only profitable for you but also you end up making a friend. When I am ready to sell my home, I will certainly call Joe to handle the arrangements. He made my parents very happy, and still keeps in touch with them. I would highly recommend Joe. He is a number one, top agent!


Janet Case


To Whom It May Concern,

It's a pleasure to say a few words about Joe. He did a great job helping us sell our house in Sunnyvale a couple of years ago: high energy, knows the territory, etc. Besides being an outstanding real estate agent, he is a great guy and we're happy to say that he gets our highest recommendation. 

Galen and Gayle


Paula and I would like to thank you for selling our home in Blossom Valley. Through hard work and perseverance you were able to sell our home for a fair price and help us realize our dream of moving to North Carolina. Despite several bumps along the way, you were able to stay focused, keep us upbeat, and get the house sold in the timeframe we had set for ourselves to move. Through the process you displayed professionalism and became a very good friend. We would recommend you to anyone wanting to sell their home in Blossom Valley. 

Thank you, 

Mike and Paula Spenceley



Honest and Trustworthy before you he stands,

Keeping the faith the most in this land, 

Who can do all this easily at hand, 

He can, Joe the REMAX man. 


Clever and Sharp before you he stands, 

Knowing the most in this land, 

Who can do all this easily at hand, 

He can, Joe the REMAX man. 


Committed and Dedicated before you he stands, 

Selling the most in this land, 

Who can do all this easily at hand, 

He can, Joe the REMAX man. 


Thoughtful and Courteous before you he stands, 

Understanding the most in this land, 

Who can do all this easily at hand, 

He can, Joe the REMAX man. 


Resourceful and Thorough before you he stands, 

Completing the most in this land, 

Who can do all this easily at hand, 

He can, Joe the REMAX man. 


Likeable and Friendly before you he stands, 

Being there the most in this land, 

Who can do all this easily at hand, 

He can, Joe the REMAX man. 


Greg & Leslie Lang



Dear Joe, 

Did my guardian angel send you to knock on my door the same day I was interviewing other Real Estate Agents to sell my home, or was it just really good luck on my part? Whatever the answer, I can't believe how quickly my home sold and how worry free you made it. 

When you said, "I will take care of everything", you really meant it! Whether it was getting the carpets shampooed, scheduling appraisals, or meeting with contractors, you did it all. The negotiated amount the house sold for has me smiling all the way to the bank! 

I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone buying or selling a house, and with your "make it happen" work ethic I am sure you will continue to be very successful in the real estate market.


Mitzi Gregg



To Whom It May Concern:

My family and I would recommend Joe Messineo highly. He has become a family friend and he take the time to call us to find out what is going on in our lives as well as sharing what is going on in his over a year since he helped us sell our home. He not only worked hard to sell our home, but took the time to know us and know what was best for us. We love Joe!!!!


The Owen Family



To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is in regards to Real Estate Consultant Joe Messineo. We found Joe to be very conscientious in all aspects of the process of selling our home in San Jose. It is not an easy process to go through, when you consider all that has to be done, and Joe made things go smoothly. 

He was there to answer all our questions (and we had many) and to advise us on the necessary procedures to follow. Joe was a helpful and pleasant individual to deal with and we would recommend him for your real estate transactions. 


Lowell and Linda Imhoff


Dear Joe, 

We want to thank you for the way that you handled the sale of our home in San Jose and all the advice that you gave us with the selling preparation. 

We appreciate our dinner gift certificate and we will certainly continue to recommend your services to our friends and family. 

We are very happy in our new home here in Fresno and maybe if you are in our area sometime you are welcome to pay us a visit. 


John and Lorraine Sallas


Joe Messineo recently represented me as a buyer for a home he was selling. I did not have a real estate agent so after Joe showed me his listing, I decided to have him represent me also because of the degree of intelligence and professionalism he displayed. I was confident in him and knew that he knew his job inside and out. 

The transaction was successful and both the sellers and I achieved what we were looking for with Joe in the middle working things out for both of us. I recommend Joe as a highly experienced real estate agent and as a person that you can talk to and trust. Joe listens and then gets the job done.


Ray Najar


Dear Prospective Client:

Please take a moment to read just a bit about Joe Messineo, an outstanding Realtor.

We first worked with Joe in 2000. He helped us sell our home of thirty-four years. Obviously we were novices; Joe made it easy. He came to us with a fresh, "this won't be so difficult" attitude. After six years we can't remember too many specifics, but we do remember that Joe laid out a sequential plan in simple terms. As we worked through the plan, everything fell into place. Joe found us an excellent first offer in a matter of days and accumulated back-up offers, just in case. 

Three years later Nancy's father died and we needed to sell his home. Without a second though, we called Joe. Three years later he was even more prepared. We arranged to meet with Joe and his "team" of refurbishing experts. We met with the floor guy, the painter guy, the tile guy, and the "everything else" guy...all in one night. The garden and fence guy came the next day. We stood there not knowing quite what was needed while Joe bargained for us. Joe decided his first garden guy was too expensive so he immediately found another. 

This home, which was in need of considerable enhancement, was transformed. Working throughout the weekend, the several components were completed in just a matter of days. With an investment of perhaps $10,000, we easily added a value of $60,000. Joe's "team" comes through. The house showed beautifully and sold in a matter of days. 

If we ever have another home to sell, Joe will be our Realtor. And aside from being technically prepared, Joe is easy to work with. He is a very pleasant and sincere person with a lot of spark. 

We are quite sure you will like working with Joe and be very satisfied with the results he is able to attain for you, regardless of any particular market conditions. 


Ray and Nancy Moore


Dear Joe, 

Efficiency accompanied by courtesy is a rare combination in today's work world. The courtesy extended to me by you during the sale of my condo along with the meetings and planning sessions was impressive because of its rarity. Such concern is refreshing and should become more widespread. I say a job well done. 


Don Pentacoff


To Whom It May Concern:

We are happy to write this referral letter for Joe Messineo of REMAX and highly recommend him as an agent. From the first day we first contacted him to sell our home; he was fast, thorough and professional in all his dealings. 

We were moving out of state and our time frame to sell was limited. There were a number of upgrades that needed to happen before we could sell, and Joe saw to it that every detail; was taken care of in a fast and efficient manner. He made suggestions and contacted the contractors to do the work. Within two weeks of our first meeting, our home was upgraded and sold the day after the carpet was installed. Joe also helped us sell at the highest amount possible. In fact, our home set the standard for the highest sold in our neighborhood!

We will definitely keep him in mind as a referral to friends and family looking to sell or buy. You are welcome to use us at anytime as a reference. 


Paul & Makalea Darmer


Dear Joe, 

We want to thank you so very much for all the help and support you provided us with the sale of Paul's house. We sincerely appreciate you always going the "extra mile" at a very difficult time for us, and volunteering to accept so many extra responsibilities related to this sale. You made all aspec ts of selling Paul's house go quickly and smoothly and we are very grateful for your hard work. 

We wish you much happiness and success always. 


Kathy and Phil Faraone


To Whom It May Concern:

We understand now, in a way we never did before, the importance of having a professional Real Estate agent like Joe Messineo.

We appreciated his patience and fortitude. In America, thousands of couples, like us, sell and buy home everyday. In Joe, we found one in a million!

The sale of our home was approached with his boundless enthusiasm and vigor. Joe was acutely aware of the feeling involved in selling our home...a home in which we raised our two children...the home we loved and lived in for over forty-two years. Joe demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the process and complexities that must come together for a successful sale. 

My husband and I often reflect back on our experience and are amazed at Joe's support and empathy. He walked us through the paperwork, talked us through our emotions and absorbed much of the stress. Providence favored us with Joe. We have profound respect for his work ethic, his character and his confidence. The cornerstone of this relationship is trust. 

Best of all we are now in our new home and loving our new life. Most importantly, Joe is a part of our new life and we are immensely grateful for that!

Sincerely yours, 

Joe and Sharyn Scoppettone


To Prospective sellers, 

In this tough market you need an experienced Realtor who knows the business of selling inside and out. Joe's attention to detail ensures a smooth ride through the selling process. Joe is great in handling the obstacles that quickly come up unexpectedly and handles them quickly, efficiently, and at minimal cost. In this tough market where the buyer has the upper hand, it is not uncommon for deals to fall through. He'll make sure all the ducks are lined up to ensure the deal goes through with no sweat. 


Sandy and Brian Knauer


Joe Messineo is nothing short of a miracle. He stepped up to the plate for me when my home was nearing foreclosure and all signs indicated that my house would not sell. Through hard work, diligent negotiating skills and an absolute heart of gold, Joe managed to find a buyer and help my family and I sell our house in record time. It is with deep gratitude that I highly recommend Joe. I have found my real estate agent for life!

Sheryl Lane


Hi Joe, 

I don't know where to begin to thank you for the extraordinary amount of time you spent with myself and my daughter looking for a new home for her. After meeting you at an open house we were both impressed by your friendliness, openness and willingness to go above and beyond scouting investment opportunities for us. You spent extra time when I was "just looking" trying to see what we could get for our money. When we decided the time was right to make the purchase, you were there for us. Thank you for your patience and helpfulness throughout the long and arduous loan process. 

I will recommend you to everyone I know. When we are ready to get back into the real estate market you will be the first person I'll call. 

Thank you again, 

Nancy and Noell



We want to thank you for all your help and support. You've worked hard and all your work has finally paid off. 

We hope you enjoy this token of our thanks. Drink and enjoy all the beautiful benefits of all the red wine!

Thank you, 

Cheryl & Ray



I just wanted to say thanks for marketing and selling not one home, but two homes for me in recent years. My first experience with Joe was in January of 2005. Joe jumped right in and came up with a bold and aggressive plan. He took care of all the details. My residence was put on the market and within four days it was sold! At the same time, Joe was aggressively searching for my next house. Within a two month time span Joe sold my current residence and had secured my new residence. I can't say enough about the professionalism throughout the whole ordeal.

In February of 2007, I once again was on the move and contacted Joe to sell my residence. And once again I was not disappointed. However this time the housing market had changed dramatically. Home prices were falling fast and houses were sitting on the market for months at a time. This was especially nerve racking for me as I had just bought a new home out of the county and had to sell my current residence as soon as possible. Joe came in and took control. Joe quickly and accurately analyzed the housing situation and came up with another bold and aggressive plan. On the Monday following the first open house there was several offers. By the end of the week the house was sold! Joe not only saved me from my house sitting on the market for several months but he also prevented me from losing several thousands of dollars due to the declining home values. 

Once again, I can't thank Joe enough for being the professional he is. His experience and knowledge is second to none. If anyone is thinking of selling or buying a home, please go see Joe first! You will not be disappointed!

Dave P. 


There is never a day goes by that I do not say a prayer of thanks for choosing you to sell my home. 

You called on me very often for over a year, and when the time came to choose a realtor I prayed hard that I would choose the right one. You never disappointed me. Even though it was a very difficult time to sell as it was at the beginning of the downturn in home prices. Your dedication and hard work saved the day and we finally had a deal in October of 2007. Not only did you do a great job professionally, but you were also a great friend throughout the process. You never allowed me to lose heart or give up. I appreciate all you did for me in accomplishing the sale of my home in San Jose including all the great people you brought in to make the house a great listing. 

I am now in my new home, which I love, and I realize every day that without you and the great job you did, all this would not be possible. 

Thank you Joe, for everything. I wish you every success as you go forward with your new company. 

Your friend, 

Nancy Thompson


Dear Joe, 

Thank you! Words simply cannot express the gratitude I continue to feel for the amazing accomplishment you provided for me and my family. 

I clearly remember our first meeting and how you took the time to really help me sort out my real estate options. In that meeting we came up with plan-A, and just in case, a plan-B. Both options were acceptable and I really felt that we could work together in reaching our goal. Your knowledge, experience, and customer service is just off-the-charts! Any Realtor can be good at listing a home, buying, and selling. But, what makes you the best hard working Realtor is your talent to 'place' yourself in your clients 'shoes'. That makes you an amazing talented Realtor and a great partner to have in real estate. 

I remember asking friends, family and co-workers for a referral. I asked people for the name of a Realtor. Many names popped-up but, when I added...."Now, I need someone to go up-to-bat for me. I have several issues in my life that require my attention and I need a Reator I can trust with decision making and research." Joe, your name was recommended. Imagine that! Out of all the referrals I got, you were the only Realtor that was recommended with confidence. That is an amazing reputation you have. I did not need a 'Salesman of the Year' Realtor, I need a Realtor of "Integrity" and that describes you! Trust was a must and you gave me nothing less than your utmost trust, honesty, respect, and your life experience intelligence. I am so grateful. Thank you. 

Joe, thank you for your endless marketing strategies and all the networking, and public relations you did. Your countless hours spent on research, communication, paperwork, follow-ups, confirmations, and documentations involved in selling my home, helped me rebuild my financial situation. Thank you for not only selling my home during my difficult issues and a bad economical time, but, for believing that you 'could' sell it. I did not share with you how I came across some people's 'whispers' saying that my house is not going to sell during such a 'falling' market and that I would end up foreclosing. That's the difference between ignorance and knowledge. That's what separates the 'talkers' from the 'do-ers'. I knew my house would sell. I knew there was a 'buyer' out there that wanted my house. I just needed a knowledgeable "do-er" that had the same beliefs. 

Joe if it wasn't for you, I would have never found that buyer for my house. Thank you. 

With heartfelt appreciation for a lifetime, 

Connie Bautista


Dear Joe, 

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to congratulate you on your move to Altera and to wish you continued success. I am confident that you will shine with Altera based on the expertise you demonstrated when you helped us find our new home. 

During our first phone conversation, you ran through your list of qualifications and I must admit, I was skeptical that you could live up to the hype. Your keen insight into the market and subsequent recommendations and knowledge of the areas we checked out was extremely helpful and saved us very valuable time. your ability to recognize what we were looking for helped us stay focused and not waste time looking at homes that did not meet our needs and wants. 

The level of support you provided was actually quite surprising. This was not our first purchase of a home, but you definitely set a new standard and it will be difficult for us to find anyone else to live up to this new standard. What makes this even more amazing is the fact that you and your wife were in the later stages of a challenging pregnancy with your twins. 

Once we found the house we really wanted, you were extremely effective at working with the sellers and sellers' agent to close the deal quickly. I believe this was a direct result of the personal touch that you bring to the table with you. Your demeanor reflects confidence, honesty and integrity and I believe that these qualities resonate with most people. you won their trust as well as ours and brought the deal to a quick and mutually beneficial close. 

In closing, thank you again Joe for exceeding our expectations and helping us find our new home and we wish you continued success in your new venture with Altera. 

Your new friends, 

Sid & Diane Grinham


Joe Messineo was referred to us by my brother who is a REMAX agent in Chicago. My husband John and I were looking to invest in a property for my parents in a nice retirement community. Joe came out and showed us one we were particularly interested in and then the ball started rolling. 

The transaction took some time as we wanted Joe to negotiate a very good price. We tried one offer and then decided to wait. Eventually we started to renegotiate as another potential buyer had dropped out of the picture. During this process we had a number of phone conversations with Joe and many email communications in the late evening. He was always prompt in his response even through at the time his wife was in the process of having their twins. He gave us a very good service and soon, we were in contract on the property that my parents really like at a price that worked for us. We were happy. 

After the close of escrow Joe arranged for his contractor to come out and make a few changes and small repairs that made both my husband and my parents comfortable. He saw the job through. Joe Messineo is a very reliable agent. I know that if I work with him again - he will be right there. 

Cindy and John D'Angelo


Joe Messineo was my agent during a very low time in the housing market. My condo would get an offer and then the buyer would back out. But Joe keep his and my spirits up and continued to work to sell my place. He finally found a buyer who didn't back out due to market concerns. His steadfast belief that it could be done and his strong desire to not let his client down serves him well and makes him a very good agent to have on your team. 

After the sale of my place Joe helped my wife and I find a beautiful house. When the sellers would not sign off on a couple of upgrades we wanted Joe took care of them himself. This was going the extra mile for his client. 

I would whole heartily recommend Joe to anyone who needs an agent. 

Robert Humphries


It would have been easy to be too cower from the possibility of buying a home, especially for first-timers. Easy to back out. Easy to never try. Buying a house is stressful enough, but Sandra and I were in the middle of planning a destination wedding in Mexico. I was with an Internet start-up company that, after months of struggling to finally find funding, decided to move to New York. My soon-to-be wife's company was days from eliminating her position, and to top it off, the market began its historic slide. 

But in all the uncertainty, Joe, was a stead, guiding hand. Every questions, every concern, every issue that we or the process came up with, Joe was able to answer. Not only did he answer them, in detail, but also promptly. Whether it was via e-mail, a phone call, or exchanging voicemails, Joe always, got back to us to answer, clarify, and resolve any and all concerns. No issues, no roadblocks, and surprisingly, no stress. 

On the surface of everything, in our situation at that time, buying a house probably seemed like a big gamble to take to some. But labeling something a gamble is for people who don't know the details and specifics of a given situation. Joe knew all the specifics and in's and out's, everything, top to bottom. And sharing all the information with us was one step that made us confident our decision was the right one for us. When all was said and done, with Joe's help, were able to close on our very first house. 

Sandra and I married one month later in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. When we returned, Sandra and I both started new, better, and more secure jobs. We love our home, the neighborhood, and are happy with the decisions we made. I don't know where we would be if we walked away or backed out of the process. But with Joe's help and guidance, we achieved something we didn't think was possible either just a few years earlier or during the tumultuous economic times. And we learned a valuable lesson of staying calm in the face of uncertainty and understanding the situation to define it, so it doesn't define you. 

Joe isn't just our Realtor. He's our friend, and he's also our neighbor, on the other side of our neighborhood park. 

Julio & Sandra Carcia

San Jose, CA


Hey Joe!

This extra-special

thank-you note

sent to you today

Holds more appreciation

than any words can say, 

For you're among

the nicest people

I have ever known, 

And you'll never be forgotten

for the thoughtfulness

you've shown.


Thanks for everything, 

Wonhee and Cho