Joe Messineo
Hall of Fame Real Estate Broker

Due to my father's advice I began a career of real estate in the late 90's. My father was a great tenor as well as an exceptional mason. My mother was Miss Monterey back in the day and shortly after the two of them met at the Opera Workshop there. Soon I was born and what super fun parents they were. They gave me everything. Could not imagine a better childhood.

On weekends I often worked with my dad and that work is of course not easy. Hence, I have a natural appreciation for people that engage in building houses - not just in selling them. Both lines of work are not easy but with continual effort yield many gains besides the more visible financial ones.

In the late 90's I became a top producer in the first year at Century 21. Shortly after I moved to Remax and in short order was inducted into the hall of fame. After a ten year run at Remax the company office changed to Altera. After several years of this I finally decided to open up my own company: Wonderful Life Real Estate. The idea with Wonderful Life Real Estate is to remain awake to the fact that we do have the power within us to make our lives full of wonder the way we want them to be. Despite unpredictable bends and twists in any road, we can make it a wonderful life.

I am very interested in reading and writing, in a word thinking. Currently I am engaged upon another book which is entitled The Population Problem: Step One. Some of my writings are known in certain circles and will probably become better known to the public in the proper time. In the mid 90's I made some significant impact and began to meet people from around the world in regards to a manuscript. Soon most of my privacy was gone. It was after this interesting time that I followed my dad's advice and started real estate. I realized that having a quiet place, a home, is the key factor to realize what is in us - our highest wish. We need this quiet place and space in order to make it happen. Real estate was the vehicle for me to again create this private place. Thanks to my dad I succeeded.

In 2006 I married my lovely wife Akiko in Kyoto, Japan. Today we are blessed with Joey and Hannah - our twins. Already at just three years old they are fluent in Japanese and quite good in English, and they are already picking up Spanish so quickly it is amazing. Papa meanwhile is trying to learn Japanese and brushing up on Spanish but I am very slow. However I will not quit and one day will be able to speak the languages with my family with a solid degree of proficiency. Nay, I will be fluent.

My wife Akiko and I both feel that we have already had everything in life. All we care about is our kids. We want to give them as many opportunities as possible. For this reason nobody will outwork me in real estate. Being an older father has given me perspective. How great to have health. Being able to work all day and provide for your family is a greater gift even than leisure. Being able to work is such a huge gift! But family trips are always thoroughly enjoyed also!